Thursday, 30 August 2012

New YouTube Video

Hey guys,

Just posting link to latest YouTube video. It just recaps basically my last update :)

Monday, 27 August 2012

Noooo.. Part2

So now I have time I am able to finish my post from last night. :)

Last night I wrote about cramps I had and in particular one that woke me up early hours, and typically, it happened again last night! Woke up in pain with cramps and needed to pee. Went pee, came back to bed and it went away.
I think I may have to stop drinking before bed time because my body can't hold it long enough till I wake up like it used to :(

I haven't really had any other symptoms. Theres been a few times lately where I've eaten and then felt dizzy but nothing extreme or nausea. DP on the other hand pointed out to me that since the weekend we conceived he has been feeling off and has a vomited a few times, which funnily enough happened the last time I was pregnant too. :) Good man taking my morning sickness!

Someone commented on a previous post re:vitamins etc, and I said i'd talk about them. So here is a list of what I take and whats in them, i would LOVE your feedback on amounts and good/bad things to take. :)

1 Folic acid 5mg
1 Iron Fizz contains: Vitamin C 50mg, Iron 5mg, Folic Acid 300mcg, Vitamin B12 10mcg. (Says suitable for pregnant women)

I also have some Iodine tablets but i'm not sure about taking them?

I have been thinking lots about my reading I got, see the tabs at top of page if want to read it, and how April would be the due date for this little bubba. All the other women in my TTC group who got readings have had theirs match up, and it makes me a little excited. But then I feel stupid, why should I get excited over something so sceptical?

Sigh. I just hold on to hope and think "This IS it. This is the one!" and take every day as it comes. As I get further along, closer to that 8week mark where I've previously started spotting then I will panic a bit more. Till then, I can't change anything.

I am holding off ringing my midwife because I feel I'll jinx it all, and think that somehow if I don't contact her I will make it through. But at the same time, I really want to see my blip in an ultrasound and have someone there to take some of this stress off me and calm me down. Perhaps I will ring tomorrow and make appointment.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


Aaargh today started as an amazing relaxing day, I was going braless lying on the couch all day ready to watch trashy shows. :) Then DP told me we have to go out to his Mums rental house and check it out as tenants were moving. So I got prepared, and that all went swell.

Then while visiting my parents on the way home, BOOM, drama. A "friend" of mine accused me of a range of stuff and text me calling me all sorts of names. I was shocked to say the least and upset, and I started shaking, could feel my heart beating fast and I burst into tears.
Then I started panicking that this stress would harm the baby, so I cried harder! DP and Mum had to tell me breathe and calm me down. But obvs being pregnant its not that easy, I've only just got to the point now where I don't feel I'll burst into tears at any moment. It took another friend and DP to get her to stop, but still no apology. I couldn't exactly tell her why I didn't need stress in my life.

But enough of that, I just needed to rant.

The last few days I have been getting a few small cramps, the first one I noticed two days after my BFP.
There was one night however I remember waking up early morning with extreme cramp in my lower gut/pelvic area. Went toilet, came back to bed and did some deep breathing. Felt like my tummy did some farts inside, then I did a few little real passing of gas, and it was gone.
It was very strange. I've never had this before so I feel kind of better that perhaps this is my lil nuggy settling in and it'll be different than before.

Well I have to go, I had other things to update but I will have to do it later. :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Weekly Update

I have decided upon seeing a few other blogs doing it and thinking it looked cool, that I will do a weekly update each Friday. :) So here we go.

How Far Along? 4w + 3days

How big is baby? About 1.25mm

How I'm feeling? Alright, little scared, little excited. :)

Weight? 51kg, i've never been "skinny" I have got a belly/hips but I just don't get heavy. :/

How I'm changing? Not really sure yet, am I meant to yet? Is my tummy meant to be hard? 

What I miss? Being able to eat without thinking "Am I allowed this? Is it safe?!" and last night after a hard day at work a small drink would have been nice.

Symptoms? They all seem to have gone, I get a VERY sore back though if I stand up too long. And I am very irritable. 

Aversions? Weetbix Honey Crunch bites. Didn't particularly like the taste anymore, but wasn't an overwhelming no-no.

Meds? Folic acid + Iodine + Iron

Appts? Had one yesterday for prenatal bloods and thyroid check, and diabetes check.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Time to sink in

Well I have had time now for it all to sink in, and today I went to my doctor and got my blood test for all the general pre-natals and also for my thyroid and diabetes test. They took 6 vials, I was peaking myself when I saw them all. I do NOT like blood being removed from my body via a tube.

Today I am 4 weeks + 2 days I think, YAY. My temperature took a big rise this morning also which made me feel a bit better. And thank you SO much to all who have wished me well! :)

So anyway, I also remember seeing this cute little jumpsuit a week ago and saying "If I conceive this cycle it's so true!"  I can't find a picture anymore but it simply said "Im a Laters, Baby" Hahah. And it was so true as the weekend we conceived I was reading the second book of the 50 Shades trilogy, my favourite of the three. Nooo I was not all hot & heavy because of the sex scenes, I actually skim all those and just read the back story. But it got me thinking about all these new babies that will be born due to the phenomenon as the 'Grey Boom'.
Atm, I have a 'Grey Boom' baby. I also think the name Christian will be making a huge comeback, but not for me.

OMG! I just realised I get to think about baby names again, legitimately.  Oh the fun I will have! :)

Well I must go to work now, but just a quick not letting you all know I updated the video from my post below as I realised you couldn't see the lines on the test so have added pictures to the end.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I Sucuumbed

..I did it. I POASed. Does that even make sense? I pee-on-a-sticked? Hahaha, well you all know what I mean!

I'm not even sure how to feel now.
Sooo.... check it out below, a picture and a video of my LIVE pregnancy test. Then read futher underneath for my thoughts.


So how do I feel? Scared! Nervous, anxious, excited, scared. Can you tell I'm scared? I said I felt confident this cycle but now its happened I am sooo not. Third times a charm? Or will this be my third time so I can get proper help? I am obvs hoping for the first, not the later. 
I am EXTREMELY glad I have my appointment now to get my thyroid checked tomorrow so I can get onto this early. Yay! 
Feel free to check out my FF chart also, which didn't last long! Haha, typical right.

I'm not even sure what to write right now. :/  So I shall go feed my face, it's 10pm and I've already had tea at 7pm and a snack since, and drink loads more water because I can't stop!

PS: Hello to all the ICLW visitors! I hope to get to read about you all this week! 

Sunday, 19 August 2012


I'm new to charting my temps so I'm looking for help with interpreting what I see please?

Are these levels low? Why does it increase so slowly and/or level?
What should I be looking out for?

Is there a way I can put a pic here, not just the click link?

TIA :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Just had to post

I woke up this morning, did my temp and it was up! I was like "Oh, its higher..maybe I did it wrong?" so did it once more orally and it said the same. Then I couldn't help but wonder whether orally is different than to up my vajayjay. So I cautiously tried that, and again it was the same. Must be doing something right! Yay! Now lets see what tomorrow holds.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hurts A Lil

Today has been a good day. :) Spent a bit too much money, but overall its been good.

However, I still have had a few "ouch" moments. One physical, one emotional.
Physically all day I've been getting pains in the back of my thigh like its constantly tense and its SOOO uncomfy.

Emotionally someone disliked my video on YouTube. Yes that sounds stupid.
I make TTC Update videos on YouTube and also watch a few peoples journeys on there, and today I uploaded a video and just noticed someone has "disliked" it.  WHO DOES THAT? I'm not sure whether they were saying "i dislike that you are experiencing this" or "your video was gay". If it was the later, then who the EFF are you to do that?! Don't like it, don't watch, no need to kick me while i'm down. :(

Anyway, otherwise I am happy. La La La. :) 5DPO..totally bored and wanting next cycle to hurry up haha.
Does anyone else get that? I think it's nerves, kind of a "i want to be pregnant, but I dont at the same time because I dont want another miscarriage"

Hope everyone else is going along well! Shall g catch up on my reading now, both blogs and Fifty Shades Freed :P

Monday, 13 August 2012

Where To Start?

I'm back from my holiday, boo. This will probably be a short blog, and then in a few days I'll probably do a long one as I finally remember everything I want to write about.

Well whats been happening in my life?

  • Moved into new house. And when I say new, I mean new. Brand spanking new and it's amazingly warm and comfortable. Can definately see this helping our journey as now I'm so much more relaxed and happy and warm!
  • Had our 4 year anniversary last week, DP bought me some flowers and breakfast. We haven't bought proper presents yet as all our money that fortnight went into moving and weekend away.
  • Went away for the weekend to the beach. Yes, beach in winter! It was amazing weather and warm, got to laze on the deck with a drink in the sun staring out over the sea. Bliss.
  • Ovulated on Friday just been, very positive test. Yay! These OPKs are helpful as my P Tracker told me I wouldnt be ovulating yet, and My Days was saying that was the day and I had no idea which one to go off! Guess it was My Days for the win.
  • That makes me now 3DPO and into the 2WW. Urgh. I'm not sure how I feel about it now, I was so confident this cycle, now I'm into the 2WW i'm just not sure. :/
  • Started properly using my Fertility Friend chart today. So it looks absolutely boring with only one temp on it. I know, I know, today at 3DPO is not a good time to start charting! But if I didn't do it now then I'd never get around to it.
  • I have resolved I NEED to go to the gym more, as in start. My thighs and my belly have expanded and I just don't want to wear tight tops anymore as I HATE the look of my gut. :(

So, that is all I can think of ATM. I do however also have a few questions for all you lovely ladies! (D will love this as it's about OPKs :P )

  • On FF when charting, what do they consider a 'positive' OPK? Is that from when I first see a line, or is it when I first get the dark line thats stronger than the control?
  • What's a normal temperature? I entered my 11am temperature (yes, not a good time) but that's when I remembered. I am going to start doing them when I wake up tomorrow onwards, but anyway at 11am today my temp was 36C. Compared to other peoples charts this is a very low temperature, I've been feeling cold a lot more than other people but whenever I've had a check up the Dr has never said anything? 

I feel like this charting thing is going to make me more obsessive compulsive about this TTC than before haha, I'll be always looking at my chart. 

I will be making a video hopefully on Wednesday, was hoping to today but I have run out of time before work. And tomorrow my friend is coming around, with her baby, urgh. I always dread this time. I used to look forward to her visits, now they are just filled with her pushing her baby at me. It's almost like she is trying to make me feel better about not being able to conceive by giving me her child for a few hours a week and honestly that's not what I want. Its not MY baby, I DON'T want YOUR baby.  Just let me admire him as I'd like and not push him at me like a teaching tool. I will learn how to parent when I become a parent, and when you try tell me about how to I become agitated and annoyed. I'm not a pet project.
Honestly, I am the type of person that when I become pregnant/a mother to a live baby if someone tries to tell me "Do this, do that" "This is how I do this.." "This is the right way to..." "I do..." etc I will dislike them. Obviously there are exceptions, such as nurses/midwife and my own parents. But everyone else I don't want to hear it, I want to learn it and live it myself, don't spoil this learning experience for me!

That was a bit of an unexpected rant. Lol. And now I must go to work, so until next time TTFN lovelies.

PS: Big congrats to D ( on her BFP! :) FX for a happy healthy journey.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hey everyone,

Just letting you all know we've moved house and the stupid Internet people connected our Internet to the neighbors so it won't be up and running till Friday. Gaaah. Plus we are going away this weekend because today is our 4 year anniversary! :) YAY. So won't be making any blogs/blogs until next week! Whiiiich will be just after/during O time, woohoo!

Have been OPKing this cycle do FX it helps :)

Anyway, until next week hope you are all doing superb and can't wait to catch up and see some BFPs!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sigh CD8.

Today was NOT a good day. I feel like I blog more about bad things than good recently? Hmm must try remember to post good days too.

Anyway, I woke up today early and snoozed again for a bit. Then I got a text and I was stuck awake, I knew straight away that I was not going to have a good day. 
Started off pretty slow and easy just packing some stuff for our move this weekend.

I was just grumpy. Got grumpy at DP, got grumpy at BFF and grumpy at life.
It's almost like my AF side effects are a week late.

Tomorrow I am determined to have a better day. :) We are getting keys to our new place tomorrow which I am stoked about! We will probably start moving some boxes in. 
Packing is soooo annoying, I've packed the bathroom and our wardrobe completely. (Minus the basics out of bathroom we need) Lounge is mostly big items we can't put in boxes, Kitchen I am waiting till Friday to pack because we do need to eat, and the Spare bedroom is half packed and half not. I told DP that was his job. Hence why it is still in the state I left it.

Bonus, while I was in Spare room other day I did find a Basal Thermometer as I was packing some stuff! Never even knew we had one, I am planning on giving it a clean and then seeing if it still works. 

Combined with my first month of OPKing this is getting quite exciting. On the subject of OPK, I have a few questions for you all:

1) Whens the best time of day to do one?
2) What day do I start them? (I was thinking tomorrow or next day)
3) Is there anything I can't do around testing time?

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)