Journey So Far

Well everyone always wants to know the journey, so here is my unique story. I might accidentally miss things as my memory is good at erasing things...but I'll give it a go. :)


  •  Got pregnant accidentally. First time ever using no contraception, typical.  Had abortion.
  •  Got the Jab, Depo Provera. Hated it, and refused to get it ever again.


  • Went on the Pill. Don't remember what one.
  • Started dating DP 08/08/08. 
  • Started getting small pain with sex.


  • Pain got worse, but still stayed fairly active.
  • Thought about starting family.


  • Pain got so bad stopped having sex for fun.
  • Started to 'not prevent' pregnancy, but weren't intensely TTC.
  • Went to Dr about pain, got the run around and FINALLY saw private specialist.
  • Got diagnosed with Endometriosis
  • Had surgery to remove as much Endo as possible, left some on bowel.


  • Started TTCing properly, still having small pain with sex.
  • DP found out he had had a hernia for 2 years. (Took them that long to figure it out, really worry about some doctors. One told him it was because he had Chlamydia, which neither of us have ever had.)
  • DP had hernia fixed.
  • Got 1st BFP 05 Dec
  • Had scan 16 Dec 11 and found out it was Twins. Saw two heartbeats.
  • Dec 31st started getting bleeding.


  • Had D&C 05 Jan as Twins had died at Xmas.
  • Got 2nd BFP 12 Feb 
  • Scan 6 March showed empty sac
  • Natural miscarriage at home 8 March
  • Pain with sex is now bad again.

And up till now thats about all thats happened. We are still TTC but have not been successful again yet. I am planning to go back to Dr about the possible return of my Endo, and am basically preparing myself for a 3rd miscarriage sometime so I can finally get testing/specialist help. In New Zealand they don't do anything until you've had 3. Stupid.


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