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Early 2012 I got referred to somebody who does TTC readings. (Yes like psychic readings).

I hummed and haa'd about whether I believed. Then after a few people got there's done and it started coming true I began to have hope. So I got one. It was cheap, about $20 NZ, and fast, got it 24 hours later.

I have decided to post it here for people to read if they like, and I will add a link to the woman's website underneath. 

Firstly I feel that you have known your entire life that you wanted to be a Mother, and have probably felt ready to have a baby for a while now even though the timing wasn’t yet right – I feel that you may have been waiting for something to happen before you went down the TTC path. I feel now that the timing is perfect however and you will get your positive result quickly. I feel that you have a really great support network – including your partner – who will help you through this time, and that pregnancy as a result will be a really great time for you.
I get the month of April as being significant - so this means that you will either fall pregnant, find out you are pregnant or be due in April and I feel that this month also has another special event like an anniversary or birthday attached to it for your family so it will be a big month for you. I feel while the pregnancy will be a breeze, the birth itself may be more challenging than you expect. I also feel that the birth itself will worry you in the lead-up, but just relax and remember that you are stronger and more powerful as a birthing woman than you will ever realise until you are already doing it J

Focusing in on the soul waiting to make you her mother, I feel you are having a girl. I feel that this little one will have a really strong connection with her Dad right from the start, and may only settle sometimes when Daddy is around. I feel that the two of them will be extremely close throughout her life, and she may even be named for someone who is or was special to him. I feel as a baby she may have a feeding issue – something along the lines of reflux or lactose intolerance – but if you see a Dr about this as soon as the problems arise you will have a solution before long and this will help you a great deal.

As she grows I feel she will be a really lovely child, very well-natured and obedient. I also feel she may be a little bit shy with people she doesn’t know, but as she gets older this tendency will lessen and she will start to come out of her shell. I also feel she will be quietly spoken and very gentle, a real little lady from from the start and this will stay with her always.

I feel she will do well at school but she will be a quiet achiever. She will have a few close friends but by no means will be a social butterfly so you won’t have to worry about her getting into mischief or being led astray by other kids. She’ll be wonderfully talented in arts, however, and I feel that she will go on to study this field at University and later work in an artistic field – though I feel that this career will involve computers moreso than paints etc, so I feel she may end up being a graphic designer or architect, something along those lines.

I now feel the need to draw a card for you, and the card I have been given is the Angel Teresa. Her message for you is:

"Time-out! You’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, but now it’s time to stop and take care of yourself.” This card tells me that you’ve been neglecting yourself and as such your soul is becoming tired and unfulfilled. While it’s wonderful to take care of others, we need to treat ourselves with the same kindness and nurturing that we extend to those we love. Love yourself, take care of yourself and don’t feel guilty or selfish when you take time out to do something for yourself. You will be far better equipped to care for others when YOU are cared for properly, too.

If you would like a reading, then go HERE:

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