So I am looking at getting a tattoo. I always wanted to wait till I had something I would always care about. 
And this journey, these losses are something I never want to forget. 

These are my ideas, I can't quite decide what I like and what looks good yet. Let me know what you think. :)

MY IDEA: I don't have a picture of this, but this is what I want drawn up. I want 3 birds, 1 for each baby lost, and each bird to have a word attached to them. I'm not yet sure how they'll be attached, whether its their tail or inside them or just underneath them in pretty writing. The three words I would use are either Faith, Hope and Love or Faith, Hope and Believe.  I'm not sure whether I want them all in white ink, or whether to get the words in white and the birds in black?
I'm still looking for a nice quote which I might use.

 Like the quotes

Like the birds and quote placement


 This is hat it'd look like in white ink.

 White ink.

I like the placement, and the tattoo itself.

 I love the placement, I've always wanted one here.

I like the tattoo and quote, just I'd streamline the feater to bird transition a bit more.

 Placement & idea.


 I'm not keen on feet tattoo's, but I like the tattoo.

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